A Brief History of Wayfinding:

On Sunday July 12th 2015, Michelle Jones took to the WDS main stage to announce her retirement as a college professor and Magician of WDS to start her life work as President and founder of the Wayfinding Academy. Since that day, these are the ways in which the WDS community has been directly involved in the story of the Wayfinding Academy:

  • 5 students that have applied and been invited to be part of the inaugural Wayfinding Academy cohort have attended, served at, or are connected to someone in the WDS community (2 former Ambassadors, 2 attendees, 1 connection)

  • The WDS community gave generously to the original Indiegogo campaign, making this whole college possible

Since publicly launching Wayfinding Academy from the WDS stage, here are some of the college’s major accomplishments:

  • Became the highest funded Indiegogo campaign in the history of Oregon (raised $206,451 in 48 days)
  • Won the Inspiration in Educational Innovation award for 2015 from eTale

  • Earned program approval from the Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission Office of Degree Authorization

  • Received media coverage from OPB, Huffington Post, Portland Monthly, Portland Tribune, KGW, and more

  • Recruited an incoming cohort of students

  • Purchased a building in St. Johns for our new campus home


Scholarship Details

We are creating a scholarship of $5,000 which would provide a 25% tuition scholarship for one Wayfinding student for the entire 2 year program ($2,500 per year). If we can raise $10,000 as a community, we will instead offer 2 WDS scholarships. Everything raised beyond that will go to support all of the students of the Wayfinding Academy by funding the teachers, guides, and facilities it takes to make a life changing experience. Each year, the WDS community will come together to fund these scholarships to give another student in our midst the chance to attend the Wayfinding Academy.

Who qualifies for the scholarship?
Any attendee, speaker, Ambassador, or core team member of WDS, or their friends or families may apply for the Remarkable Life scholarship as a part of their application to the Wayfinding Academy. As a part of their application, students must demonstrate how they represent or aspire to the ideals of WDS, and how this scholarship will help them live their unconventional lives. The recipient must demonstrate financial need.

That all sounds great, how can I help?
"The Remarkable Life" Scholarship is all about the WDS community supporting each other, and coming together to help students live their lives on purpose. You can be a part of that by donating to make this scholarship possible.

If you want to set up a monthly donation, you should definitely do that. We plan for this scholarship to keep going for as long as it’s funded, so continuing giving is great.