Wayfinding Academy was founded on the frustrating realization that our culture of higher education is backwards


First you pick a 4-year college, then you pick a major from a list, then you figure out what you’re going to do, and then you try it out.

We want to turn the system frontwards

How? By making this Wayfinding Promise to our graduates:

  • You will have a deep sense of belonging and confidence by taking part in a learning community that treats you as a whole human, and you’ll know that others have your back.

  • By the time you graduate in two years, you will already be engaged in DOING the work you’re interested in and have a professional network to draw upon.

  • What you learn here will be very practical in taking the next steps in your life, as you will have a big role in shaping your own educational experience, rather than having others decide everything you need to learn.

Yes, this sounds idealistic. But it’s real. Strategically located in beautiful Portland, Oregon, we’ve been authorized by Oregon’s Higher Education Coordinating Commission to grant Associate’s Degrees in Self & Society. We are committed to stretching the norms of education from within the system.