Wayfinding Academy is a two-year, nonprofit college in Portland, Oregon at the heart of a movement to revolutionize higher education


At Wayfinding Academy you won’t find cookie-cutter tracks, just a one-of-a-kind educational experience designed to help you find your way, stretch your mind and grow your skills so you can live life on purpose.

Students graduate with a state-accredited Associate’s Degree in Self & Society.


We are humans to be cultivated, not objects to be sorted.  For all those who take the Wayfinding journey, we promise you that by the time you earn your degree, you will:


Feel confident and connected from taking part in a learning community that treats you as a whole human and from having a hand in shaping your own educational experience

Already be DOING the work that interests you, have a plan for what’s next and a professional network to draw on in bringing your plan to life

Be prepared to thrive throughout your life because you learned to stretch, to cultivate your curiosity, to develop your conscience, and to create community


We do things differently at Wayfinding Academy. There are six key elements to our unique two-year program:

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