Wayfinding Academy is a new 2-year college at the heart of the movement to revolutionize higher education.

We believe:

  • The world needs fewer followers and more engaged citizens.
  • One size does not fit all.
  • Education should stoke curiosity, not cure it.

For press inquiries, call (503) 482-9038 or contact hello@wayfindingacademy.org (we check this email everyday). 

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At Wayfinding Academy, there are no cookie-cutter tracks. We are humans to be cultivated, not objects to be sorted. It’s education by odyssey where students have ample help navigating their path.

The two-year program is anchored by nine core courses in communication, social change, teamwork, and leadership. From there, students handcraft their own curriculum with the support of a personal guide. They hone their skills with real-world internships, mentors, and study trips. 

Students will leave Wayfinding Academy with their next step in place, a portfolio that shows the world who they are and what they can do, and a network of people who support them.

Since our launch in July 2015, we have:

  • raised a record-breaking $206,000 on Indiegogo
  • been approved to offer Associate’s degrees by Oregon’s Higher Education Coordinating Commission
  • purchased a campus home in Portland, OR with the help of community partners
  • hired a capable, dedicated core crew
  • recruited gifted faculty and developed a unique curriculum 
  • established 6+ scholarships totaling more than $30,000 for low-income and diverse students
  • hosted the first and second annual Wayfinder Weekend
  • led 15+ Labs, our community education program for lifelong learners
  • sent 15 students, crew, and community members to Spain to walk the Camino de Santiago on our first Learn & Explore trip
  • welcomed our first cohort of 15 students in Fall 2016 and our second cohort of 17 students in Fall 2017


For press inquiries, call (503) 482-9038 or contact hello@wayfindingacademy.org (we check this email everyday). 

If you’re excited about what we’re doing, join the movement. We'd love to have you.