When we each live life on purpose, we all thrive.
— The Wayfinding Academy Creed

The Life on Purpose Club is for members of the Wayfinding community who want to take an intentional approach to their continued personal and professional growth. It provides a soft structure and some friendly accountability as you use the tools that the Wayfinding Academy provides to take your personal ‘next steps’.

In the Life on Purpose Club, we learn, we teach, we explore, and we serve, together. And we stretch.

When you join the Life on Purpose Club, you’ll receive a special name tag with 6 empty circles, one for each of the growth areas of the club. You’ll fill up these circles by earning badges in each of these areas. This helps you track and plan your progress while living your life on purpose, and share your progress with fellow club members at Wayfinding events.

We’ll also build a simple, personalized page for you on our website where you can come and check on your progress.  This page will show what achievements you’ve made, and how you can take your next steps.

Here’s how to earn your badges in each of those growth areas:



  • Be a student - All of our 2-year students have made a huge commitment to their own learning.

  • Attend a Lab - Our Labs are there for students and members of our community alike to dive into a new skill or get a new perspective on a favorite topic.

  • Complete the Wayfinder Curriculum ($25 purchase online) - One of our foundational documents, this self guided curriculum helps you figure out who you are and what you want to do with your life, wherever you are in that life.


  • Mentor someone - If you’re already a mentor, or you want to mentor one of our students, you’re teaching.

  • Host an internship for a student - Our students need real-world experience to figure out what path is best for them and make progress along it.

  • Do an informational interview with a student - Whether in person or over the phone, sometimes a solid conversation with an experienced person can clarify a student’s life direction.

  • Refer a student - If you send someone our way who ends up being a student, you’ve already become an instrumental part in teaching them.


  • Learn and Explore trips - Join us on one of our trips to locations near and far for service, learning, adventure, and new experiences.

  • Wayfinder Weekend - Our yearly conference where Wayfinders from all over gather to refresh our purpose, be around our people, and get clarity on where we’re headed.


  • Volunteer with Wayfinding Academy - Lend a hand! Building a revolution in higher education takes a lot of work, and we’ve got lots of ways that you can help if you’re willing.

  • Volunteer with another nonprofit and tell us about it - Serve your community and make our world just a little bit better, then write us afterward and let us know what you did and why to show your work.


  • Luminaries - Join our close circle of friends and allies. Luminaries help us put on events, review student applications, and join us for special occasions. Each Luminary pledges 1% of their income (1 penny of every dollar they earn) to Wayfinding to help support this movement that we are building together.

  • Parents and partners of students - If you’re a critical part of a student’s support network, you’re in this together with us.

  • Host a House Party - Invite your friends, family, and co-workers over to learn more about Wayfinding Academy. We’ll join you at your house and give a short, interactive presentation to


  • Set your own quest - Only you can define what stretching looks like for you. Set a meaningful goal that’s just outside of your comfort zone, and then quest to hit it. Whether you succeed or fail, you’ll grow from the effort of trying. Tell us about your quest and how it stretched you to earn this badge.

When you earn all 6 badges, your name will go up on our wall of honor and your next year's name tag will proudly display your accomplishments from previous years. You'll also receive a golden ticket good for one entrance to Wayfinder Weekend, any of our Labs, or a big discount on a Learn & Explore trip. This golden ticket will be redeemable by anyone other than you, to bring someone else into the Wayfinding community.

Anyone can join the Life on Purpose Club, no matter where you live. We just ask for a $20 donation to help cover the cost of materials and setting you up in our system. We’ll be happy to waive that fee if you’re a student, a parent or partner of a student, a Lab or 2017 Wayfinder Weekend attendee, or a Luminary. If that's you and you'd like to join, go ahead and click here to let us know.