Life after the Wayfinding Academy

What happens at the end of the two years?

We are committing to students in a way other colleges won’t. We promise to work with every student until their next step is in place. These conversations about your next step will happen even before you apply through your entire time with us and beyond. Each student will graduate with a completed portfolio consisting of approximately 8-10 items and projects selected by the student in conjunction with their Guide. The portfolio will be a polished website-style tool that shows who the student is and what they can do and is something that can be shared with family members, friends, prospective employers, mentors, admissions programs, and more.

Will I be able to transfer any credits from Wayfinding Academy to another academic institution?

The short answer is yes, though we cannot gaurantee all credits will transfer perfectly, as this is rarely the case between any two schools. As a new college or university, we cannot start the accreditation process until our students are enrolled in classes for approximately one year. This means Wayfinding Academy will not be able to begin the application process until September 2017, and it will likely take 2-3 years to fully move through the process and achieve accreditation. In the meantime, we are accreditated by the State of Oregon and are working to set up a variety of transfer agreements with several colleges. So far, this has been successful! Once these agreements are in place, students will be able to transfer credits from Wayfinding Academy to one of these institutions should they want to continue their higher education experience. If there is a specific college or university a student would like to transfer to, Wayfinding Academy staff will work with that student to get an transfer agreement in place.

What will students do after attending Wayfinding Academy?

Career planning is a fundamental part of the entire Wayfinding curriculum. From the time students apply, they will be exploring who they are, what they are passionate about, and as a student will begin to develop concrete skills. Their classes, internships, apprenticeships will all serve to help students find their path and the career they are most interested in pursuing.

What are current graduates doing?

Right now, we're nearing the end of our first Cohort of students ever! It's been an exciting first year of operation. Consequently, it will be another year yet before we have student preparing to graduate and take their next steps in life after Wayfindsing Academy. We're as eager as you to see what things our students will be pursuing at that time.

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