Life after the Wayfinding Academy FAQS

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What happens at the end of the two years?

We are committing to students in a way other colleges won’t. We promise to work with every student until their next step is in place. These conversations about your next step will happen even before you apply through your entire time with us and beyond. Each student will graduate with a completed portfolio consisting of approximately 8-10 items and projects selected by the student in conjunction with their Guide. The portfolio will be a polished website-style tool that shows who the student is and what they can do and is something that can be shared with family members, friends, prospective employers, mentors, admissions programs, and more. Each student chooses a different next step for after Wayfinding based on their areas of interest and life goals and we help them with whatever that next step is and don't presume to try to send them all the same direction.

Will I be able to transfer any credits from Wayfinding Academy to another academic institution?

The short answer is yes, though we cannot guarantee all credits will transfer, as this is rarely the case between any two schools. We have transfer agreements in place with several 4 year colleges that have shared values and philosophies where we believe our students could thrive after Wayfinding. These include Prescott College (Prescott, Arizona), College of the Atlantic (Bar Harbor, Maine), and Goddard College (Plainfield, Vermont). We also have a relationship with The Evergreen State College (Olympia, Washington) where two of our former students have transferred. We are always working on relationships with more colleges and if a student has a specific one in mind, they can let their Guide know and we will begin the process of establishing a transfer agreement to make that process easier and more customized for the student wanting to go on to complete a bachelor's degree after Wayfinding.

What are current graduates doing?

Our first cohort of students graduated in summer 2018 and they have gone on to do a wide variety of things. Some of them are traveling, one transferred to a bachelor's degree program, one was hired to work at Wayfinding, and the others got a job in the field they chose (event planning, green building, education/facilitation). We promise to help students on their next step after Wayfinding and so far it seems they are all doing what they wanted to be doing after Wayfinding after a process of intentionally choosing what they wanted that to be. For updates about our graduates, please follow along on our Facebook or Instagram feeds where we post updates about them periodically. We will also highlight their stories in our bi-weekly newsletter.

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