I'm interested in being a student, what should I do?
That's great! We'd love to speak with you as soon as possible to get to know you better and answer any questions you might have.

If you have any general questions about our college, cost, etc....you'll be able to find most of your answers on our Student FAQs pages.

Ready to apply and start your journey? Please see our "become a student" section.

I'd like to support the Wayfinding Academy, how can I get involved and join this movement?
There are a couple of things you can do:

  1. Join our email newsletter list and stay up-to-date by signing up here
  2. Become a Wayfinding Academy Luminary on this page
  3. Follow us on social media networks using the links below
  4. Share with others about the Wayfinding Academy
  5. Send us a message via our contact page

Bonus: if you live in Portland, or are planning to visit Portland, consider coming to one of our Wayfinding Labs.

Is the Wayfinding Academy accredited?
We are an approved degree granting organization with Oregon's Higher Education Coordinating Commission Office of Degree Authorization whose mission is "to assist Oregon students and their families in attaining a postsecondary education and to enhance the value, integrity, and diversity of Oregon's college programs". The next step is to apply for regional accreditation with the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. We are currently in the standard one year waiting period before being eligible to submit that application and are preparing the documentation so we are ready to submit as soon as we are eligible in Fall 2017.

How much will tuition cost at the Wayfinding Academy?
The estimated full cost of tuition for the two year program is $21,000 based on a cost of $3,500 per term for six terms over two years. We will also establish some scholarship funds for students who can't afford full price tuition. Our goal is to make Wayfinding Academy accessible for everyone.

Where is the Wayfinding Academy located? 
Our headquarters are located in Portland, Oregon. The student experience is based on the partnerships we are able to form in the community and Portland is our home and where our friends and colleagues live and work. The city of Portland is our first campus. In a few years, we will start considering where we want our next location to be.

Is the Wayfinding Academy a 501(c)3 exempt non-profit corporation?
Yes. The Wayfinding Academy is a not for profit, charitable organization formed under Section 501(c)3 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. We are also recognized by the State of Oregon as a domestic non-profit corporation.