Cost of Attendance


What is the tuition for the Wayfinding Academy?

Wayfinding Academy strives to offer an affordable college experience. The estimated full cost of tuition for the two year program is $21,000 based on a cost of $3,500 per term for six terms over two years.

What other expenses can I expect?

Every student’s experience will be slightly unique, but you can anticipate additional expenses for normal cost of living including room and board, transportation, and other personal costs. We anticipate additional expenses will be around $14,000 a year in the following areas:

  • around $12,000 for room and board
  • around $1,000 for transportation costs
  • around $2,000 for personal expenses

Also, during our breaks three times a year (December, April and August), students will have an opportunity to participate in Learn + Explore trips or other experiences designed specifically by them. These trips or other experiences may have fees associated with them and students will have the option of signing up for them.

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes. We have a few designated scholarships for our first cohort of students. To be eligible for any Wayfinding Academy scholarship, a students must first have submitted a completed student application. To learn more go to our scholarships page.

As soon as we’re eligible, we’ll be applying for accreditation which will then allow students to apply for federal financial aid.

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