Wayfinding Academy is an alternative, 2-year college in Portland, OR at the heart of a movement to revolutionize higher education.

Our application process is about getting to know you as a human—what lights you up and where you want your life to go. Test scores and grades are not who you are and therefore not a part of determining your fit for Wayfinding Academy.

Steps to becoming a student: 

  1. Start an online application so we can get to know you better

  2. Schedule a chat to learn more about Wayfinding Academy and see if we're a good match for you

  3. Submit a deposit to save your spot in our next cohort

NOTE: Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until a cohort is full. The earlier you apply, the better chance you have at being awarded scholarship monies if you are eligible.

Ready to take the first step?

You can also call (503) 482-9038 or email matchmaking@wayfindingacademy.org

Know a student who would thrive here? Email us with your recommendation.

Statement of Non-Discrimination 

Wayfinding Academy reaffirms its commitment to a policy of equal opportunity in education and employment.

More than that, we believe that justice is an active pursuit, not a passive stance. As such, we place special emphasis on candidates from underrepresented racial, ethnic, religious, gender, sexual orientation, economic, (dis)ability, and cultural backgrounds which will increase the diversity of our organization and help us strive toward justice on those (and other) fronts.

Wayfinding Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, gender expression, genetic information, religion, national origin, disability, previous military service or any other protected category in the admission of students, employment, access or treatment in its programs and activities or the administration of its educational and employment policies. Discrimination or harassment on the basis of these factors is in direct conflict with the mission of the Wayfinding Academy and strictly prohibited.

Wayfinding Academy is strongly committed to building an inclusive environment and will not tolerate any actions of any individual or group that violate this policy.


What is it like to be a student at the Wayfinding Academy?

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Located in Portland, Oregon.

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I’m loving school and the people I’m surrounded by each day. My confidence has never been higher.
— Tucker, Wayfinding Student