Join the Luminaries Community

Luminaries are the core support community of this movement. It’s made up of passionate individuals that believe there’s more than one way to do life and that one definition of success is not enough. Luminaries believe that college and community should be woven together. That we should learn, teach, serve, and explore, together.

If you believe education is our chance to make the world better… if this resonates with you... join this movement and community. We would be honored if you became a Luminary.

Details of the Luminaries program:

We have Luminaries all over the US, as well as internationally. The map below illustrates how widespread our Luminary support network is. 

 As a Luminary, you will join and support the movement in at least 3 ways:

Sharing wisdom
You’d help us think through tough questions as we build our college. Luminaries will form an important body of knowledge our students will tap into through Q&A sessions, professional resource sharing, networking, mentorship, and fun hangouts. Both local and far-flung Luminaries are invited to share wisdom through a blend of in-person and online platforms.

Supporting with donations
Many colleges rely on student tuition for most of their revenue, making students shoulder the heaviest burden of the cost of education. We believe it should be different. When a student learns to live life on purpose, we are all better off. Your donation will make it possible for the Wayfinding Academy to provide an accessible life changing experience to a broader range of students and community members.

Spreading the word
Our Luminaries prepare the world for our students before they graduate through advocating in their networks. Our students should know any employer, university, mentor, or potential new friend will definitely want to take the time to meet them. Our entire community will prosper together if we work together.

As a Luminary, you will join a community working to re-imagine higher education. You will be a a part of the core group that we’ll reach out to in shaping our students’ experiences. When students need a mentor, or assistance exploring a question, we will reach to you first.

This has been one of the most beautiful, most important things I have ever been a part of in my life. So grateful / happy / excited / heart-warmed!
— Gina Lorubbio, Copenhagen (Luminary)

Here are some of the ways we thank Luminaries:

  • The Facebook group is a place for Luminaries from all around the world to share wisdom and resources and engage with the Wayfinding Academy directly.

  • Special early invites and access to Wayfinding events like Labs, Wayfinder Weekend, and the other events in our calendar.

  • Invitations to student ‘Term Talks’ and final portfolio exhibitions.

Your support and donation would still be greatly appreciated even if you decided not to join as Luminary. Every contribution goes towards helping students and reimagining higher education. Thank you!


Wayfinding Academy is a not for profit, charitable organization formed under Section 501(c)3 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. Donations to Wayfinding Academy are tax-deductible as charitable contributions for US federal income tax purposes. There are no donation limits or restrictions on contributions to Wayfinding Academy. Our nonprofit tax ID is 47-2943786.