Attending the Wayfinding Academy will be unlike attending any other mainstream colleges. There will be four primary areas of engagement for students: 

  1. A core curriculum designed to help graduates discern the needs of the communities they find themselves members of, both now and as they move through their lives, and to become effective citizens and members of those communities. 
  2. A working portfolio consisting of approximately 8-10 items chosen by the student in conjunction with his or her team of advisors.
  3. Workshops and seminars (Labs) offered by rotating faculty and active community members with expertise in a variety of disciplines, to help students gain a deeper exposure to specific topics. 
  4. Community engagement through film screenings, performances, attending local events, and more, all of which will be co-produced with student participation.

While there can be no such thing as a “typical” term at a college where study is so individualized, there will be certain commonalities. During a typical three-month term (trimester), a student can expect to…

  • take 1-2 core courses (see list of planned core courses below)
  • have an internship or apprenticeship with a local business
  • work on a project of his or her choosing
  • meet regularly with a mentor
  • attend film screenings, performances, and other community events
  • register for several workshops to build skills and network

It is our goal to have each student passionately engaged in an individualized quest to complete a comprehensive portfolio of experiences. All courses and experiences will take place in person, in a face-to-face environment.  The Wayfinding Academy is not an online degree program; however, for the occasional course we do not offer on-site, students may choose to augment learning with online platforms for their individual areas of interest. As we discover common needs or desires for particular courses, we will look at developing an in-person, Wayfinder version of these classes.