Thank you to everyone who attended Wayfinder Weekend 2017! We look forward to continuing to connect with you in the future. If you're new to Wayfinder Weekend, you can learn a bit about what happened at this year's event below. We'll add information about Wayfinder Weekend 2018 later this year.

Wayfinder Weekend

March 31-April 2, 2017
Wayfinding Academy HQ, Portland, Oregon


One of the best things about college is that it’s a socially accepted time to reflect on what you want to do with your life. 

But a life on purpose is a life in progress; it entails continual growth and review. Big picture thinking doesn’t have to be confined to the short window of time right after high school–we want to inspire people to do this on the regular.

So, whether you’ve worked for 30 years or three, we invite you to Wayfinder Weekend: it’s a chance to refresh your purpose, try out new skills, and connect with a community ready to support you on your path.

Want to learn more? 

Check out the 6 elements of Wayfinder Weekend and see our tentative schedule


Build on Wayfinder Weekend with year-round learning at our Labs.

A weekend to explore new ideas, meet new people, and plan how to take action on what I really want to do with my life.


The 6 elements of Wayfinder Weekend

We’ve taken the 6 elements that make up our 2-year program and restructured them for a 2-day, transformative educational experience (you know, like the one you’ve always wanted). 

Here’s what you can expect:

1. Core Curriculum

Become a wiser, kinder, more creative human with keynote talks that give you a taste of our core curriculum that will help anyone on any path

2. Unconference-style Mini Labs

Tease your curiosity with workshops on specific topics led by veteran Lab leaders, Wayfinding faculty, and even YOU

3. Wayfinding Guides 

Navigate the ‘choose your own adventure’ style weekend with the help of your Guide, and get to juicy conversations faster in small, introvert-friendly Guide Groups curated based on your interests

4. Real World Experiences

Solve problems that keep you up at night in one-on-one mentor sessions or stretch your empathy capacity on a field trip

5. Learn and explore trips

Travel off campus with us via mini excursions to interesting, unique, and exciting local hotspots where you'll learn something new while also exploring the area


Show the world who you are and what you can do by capturing a new skill, realization, or achievement you made during the weekend

***Plus, we’ll throw in a few surprises to delight you along the way.***

You’ll leave with a refreshed purpose, clear next steps, and a network of the most supportive people we know to help you in taking them.

Inspiration of the highest order.

Wayfinder Weekend Planned Schedule: 

(Please note, this is a tentative schedule. Order of activities and exact timing subject to change. However, the start time on Friday and end time on Sunday are firm.) 


3:00pm: Registration begins
4:00pm: Wayfinder Weekend kicks off with a mini orientation experience
5:00pm: A welcome from our founder and president Michelle Jones
5:30pm: First meeting with your Guide group of 5-10 people
6:45pm: Dinner (provided by Wayfinding Academy) and conversation
7:45pm: Wayfinding 101 mini class led by faculty member Sean Aiken
9:15pm: Possible, optional evening activities (TBD) 


8:00am: Breakfast (provided by Wayfinding Academy) and conversation
9:00am: Second Guide group meeting
10:15am: Morning activity option 1 (participants choose between 3-5 options) 
11:30am: Morning activity option 2 (participants choose between 3-5 options) 
12:30pm: Lunch (provided by Wayfinding Academy) and conversation
1:30pm: Science, Technology, and Society mini class led by faculty member Nick Caleb
2:45pm: Afternoon activity option 1 (participants choose between 3-5 options) 
4pm: Afternoon activity option 2 (participants choose between 3-5 options) 
5:15pm: Third Guide group meeting
6:30pm: Dinner on your own or with other Wayfinding Academy participants (we will suggest locations!)
8:15pm: Possible, optional evening activities (TBD) 


8:00am: Breakfast (provided by Wayfinding Academy) and conversation
9:00am: Morning activity (participants choose between 3-5 options) 
10:45am: The Good Life mini class led by faculty member Emily Zionts
12:15pm: Lunch (provided by Wayfinding Academy) and conversation
1:15pm: Fourth and final Guide group meeting
2:45pm: Next steps and intentional closing
4:00pm: End of 2nd annual Wayfinder Weekend

A reawakening of passion and intent in how to express it in the world.

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