21 years Old
Portland, OR

I Am INterested in...

At this point? Writing and Anthropology. Anthropology has been a subject that has interested me since I was in elementary school. I've always liked to learn about other cultures and people. Writing has been a creative outlet for me since I was a child. It not only helps me to express my emotions and experiences, but it also helps me interpret and essentially translate the world from my point of view. I've mainly written reality based short stories and poems. Currently I'm working on a short story that I hope to publish in a literary magazine.

My Experience With Education Goes like This...

Since I am the eldest in my family it fell to me to pave the way to not only be the first to graduate high school but to get a college degree as well.

We have all gone through so much together and I have to take breaks from school in order to work and save up to continue paying for it or just to help out with family matters, but I was still determined to finish what I had started and I am glad to say that I did that.

One of the two best experiences that I've had in life is going to college. And not just because of the curriculum available that I couldn't get in high school, it was the people I met along the way that helped shape my journey and really make me confront what it is I wanted to do with my life.

The second experience that has hugely impacted my life is when I studied abroad in East Africa for three months. It was the first time I would be traveling without my family in a culture totally different to mine. It completely changed my view of the world and in many ways gave me more confidence in my life.


I spent most of time exploring classes within [community college] with no real clear vision of what I really wanted to get out of it, only what I thought was the right way to do things even when I felt myself questioning them.

This past year I was feeling stagnant about where I wanted to go and even what I wanted to be. I kept telling myself that I should know by now but I've come to realize that I didn't really know.

I'm at a standstill. I don't want to have to keep taking repetitive classes and hear the same lectures with hundreds of other students. I don't want to feel tuned out in a sea of other students who are all trying to get to where they need to go and have a professor who's just trying to get their job done. I want to be in a setting where my aspirations are supported and encouraged and nurtured. I want to move forward, but the normal path just doesn't feel like it's meant for me anymore. Upon hearing about Wayfinding Academy I could see myself being a student here, blazing a trail that hadn't existed before. Maybe I'm feeling rebellious or maybe I just feel lost but one thing I know now is that I want to be at this school.


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