21 years Old
Olympia, WA

I Am INterested in...

I am enchanted by the woods and nature. Spare moments that I have are spent exploring new areas and discovering, analyzing and observing new plants and wildlife….I volunteer at an English Language Learning center for the latino community...I read books with gusto...I love to expand my periphery and understanding of the world and reality through literature..I love the game of chess. To me, chess is an ever-expanding chronicle of reality.

My Experience With Education Goes like This...

I am a by-product of the public school system. School was a perpetuating cycle of being chewed up and spit out by an imaginary belief that I needed to conform to a specific idealization of "the perfect student". If I looked the part, if I had lots of friends and I got good grades, I was accepted. This philosophy drilled its way into my subconscious over the many years that I was a participant in its rigid schedule. However, I am not this person, and I wasn't built to guzzle hours and hours and pages upon pages of seemingly meaningless homework. Internally, I yearned for a shift, but I was unaware of how or where to find this different method. After dropping out of my 'traditional' high school and spending 6 months 'unschooling', I was introduced to an alternative high school that came to change my life. Not only did this sanctuary provide a 'moldable to your specific learning style' education; it also exposed me to the erroneous pretenses I had been privy to for the majority of my life. This was the beginning of freedom for me, as my views and expressions were slowly expanded.


My goal is to expose myself to as much awe inspiring, mouth agape material as I possibly can, whether that is stretching my mental capacity or adventuring in the physical realm. I am a strong advocate of introducing myself to material that is incredibly shocking and thought provoking...my determination is to let uncomfortability be a natural learning source wherever my journey takes me. This means mulling over the ideas of others whom I may have previously been shut off to. It also means exposing myself to ways of life that are completely natural to some, but may be utterly terrifying and stupefying to me. An example of this could be roaming India where pooping in public is completely normal and king cobras are friends, or it could mean immersing myself more deeply into the LGBTQ community and learning more about "proper" gender pronouns.

My hankering for college derives from a place that does seek higher education, but that is ideally mixed with a community who deeply cares and shares an equal yearning for exploration, questioning the norms, and having the opportunity to share the feelings and experiences that come up with one another. It would seem that, if done correctly, college can be a stomping ground for beautiful growth in ourselves and with each other, all learning and piggy backing off one another's thoughts, creations, and motivations.


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