Thank You


Thank You

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.

Thank You!

A college being built from scratch can only be possible by the hard work and dedication of a community. What makes this project special are the many, dedicated people who have given their time, expertise, gifts, and talents to make this possible. Though there are so many we appreciate and want to say thank you to, there are also a few specific people we'd like to recognize for helping make this dream become a reality. 

Founding Team & Board of Directors

Ahjahna Vaughn, Brittany Duncan, Caitlyn McCuthcheon, Colin Koach, Ethan Knight, Gina Lorubbio, Jesse Laird, Jedd Chang, Jefferson Smith, Jennifer DeQuattro, Kaitlin Fisher, Katarina Krouse, Mark Nerys, Matthew Whitehead, Michelle Chang, Michelle Jones, Rebecca Shapiro, Richard Hill, Sean Aiken, Sean Quinn, Sigfried Seeliger, Tina Hart, Tito Vasquez, Wes Wages

Creative Contributors

Indiegogo Campaign video

Our video features the hearts, hands, and voices of some of the founding team members of the the Wayfinding Academy:
Michelle Jones, Jefferson Smith, Colin Koach, Ahjahna Vaughn, Dick Hill, Jennifer DeQuattro, Tina Hart, Brittany Duncan

And some of our friends and supporters:
Eric Lanigan, Prashant Kakad, Diana Fedoroff, Brian Mariki, Jonathan "Bearclaw" Hart, Paulie Heisel, Kelly Heusinkveld, Bryan Little

Special appearances by:
Sam Mowry (
George Bailey Smith (@georgebaileydog)
Baloo Little

Directed and Produced by Jefferson Smith and Michelle Jones
Script by Jefferson Smith and Colin Koach

Video capture by Sigfried Seeliger and Wes Wages (

Video editing and audio recording and mixing by Cory Davis at InStory Creatives (

Illustrations and animations by Mark Nerys (

After effects by John Meyers

Soundtrack by Galen Huckins

Special thanks to:
Jedd Chang, Michelle Chang, Portland Public Schools, The Ananda Community, Matt Bergfield, Jonathan Wood, Katie Rose and Flora Bowley, Al, Jamie, and Derryl at Dash Aviation, Brandon at Outer Rim, Joe Smith, Amy Pearl at Hatch, Concordia University, Steve Harper

Graphic Design 

Rebecca Shapiro -

Dianne Foster -

Isaac Watson -


J&M -

Campaign Perks

Sean Aiken -

Blake Boles -

William Deresiewicz -

Chris Guillebeau -

Jean Lipman-Blumen -

Doug Neill -

Dee Williams -

Caravan: Tiny House Hotel -

Tsh Oxenreider -