Student Life FAQs

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Where is the Wayfinding Academy located?

Wayfinding Academy is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. Students and staff spend time in both our main building in the St. Johns neighborhood in North Portland as well as out in the greater Portland community.

Where will I live?

You will have the opportunity to live wherever you feel comfortable in Portland. Wayfinding Academy does not provide student housing; instead we support students in finding housing close to campus or in the greater area and with other students depending on each students interests. We believe finding housing in an intentional way is a good life skills and we help cultivate that skill by supporting students through what is often their first time going through this process.

What services will you have for students?

Students will be able to access various services through the counsel of their Guide and our Director of Student Services. Although Wayfinding Academy will not provide all services in house, we are committed to connecting students with the resources they need for a healthy and successful life. Once students are enrolled, they will be able to receive assistance or a referral to Counseling services, Health services, Student Activities, job opportunities, scholarships, and Internships.

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