Each student will graduate with a completed portfolio consisting of approximately 8-10 items selected by the student in conjunction with his or her advisory team. Each project will fit in the framework of the 5 specific themes.

Explore: projects in this category will ask students to stretch and go beyond their comfort zone. 

Teach: students will be asked to share with the greater Wayfinding community something they are passionate about.

Serve: projects or events that a student will lead and coordinate to benefit others or a specific cause they are care about.

Create: students will have the opportunity to produce and create something new in our world. This could be a service, an invention, artwork, etc... 

Reflect: students will be asked demonstrate and share personal growth in their journey

Students will document and then showcase their collective projects through a polished website-style portfolio that can be shared with family members, friends, prospective employers, mentors, admissions programs, and more.

Portfolios might include:

  • Internship or apprenticeship in a field of interest to you
  • Planning an event for a community you feel connected to 
  • Attending a conference or workshop in an area of interest to you
  • Teaching a course or workshop in an area of your expertise 
  • An infographic depicting your educational pathway and goals
  • A short film you created on a topic of interest to you 
  • A written piece of work or collection of pieces (e.g., a blog) in your area of interest
  • Artwork you create for a gallery show or for other form of display
  • Professional video recording of a performance or to show the creation of a product
  • Interactive Prezi presentation on a topic relevant to your goals
  • Graphic design work you did for an organization or event
  • Website you built for an organization or for yourself
  • Articles you wrote that were published online or in a newspaper or magazine
  • Research project on a topic of interest to you
  • Creation of a personal vision statement and annual review process
  • Service learning with an organization related to your interests