Thank you for connecting students you think are a great fit for Wayfinding Academy with us!

We can't wait to start the conversation!

Here’s what we ask of you:

  1. Have a conversation with whomever you want to nominate. Share with them more about Wayfinding Academy and, more importantly, why YOU are passionate about our movement and think they'd be a great fit!

  2. Ask them if it's alright to share their contact information with us. 

  3. Find out their preferred communication mode. Would they prefer to talk via email, phone, etc.?

  4. Let them know they will be speaking with one of our matchmaking crew members, Ursula, Michelle, or Jill!

Then, nominate them!

Gather the following information from a potential student and share via the form below:

  • Their name
  • Preferred communication mode
  • Contact details

Make sure to share any special and helpful information you think we should know about each student.

Thank you! 


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