Thank you for helping us connect with students that you think would be a great fit for Wayfinding Academy.

Here’s what we are asking of you:

  1. Have a personal conversation with the person you want to nominate. Help them learn more about Wayfinding Academy and, more importantly, why YOU are passionate about our movement.

  2. Ask for permission to share their contact information with us.

  3. Find out which way they would like to be contacted by one of our crew members. Would they like to be emailed and have you copied on the email OR would they like to be called, etc.?

  4. Let them know they will be speaking with one of our matchmaking crew members, Rachel, Dan, Ursula, or Jill (unless you specify to us another crew member that you would like us to connect them with).

How to nominate a student:

Get the following information from a potential student and enter that information in the form below:

  • Their name
  • Info for their preferred mode of communicating

Make sure to share with our team any special and helpful information you think we should know about the prospective student.

Thank you! 



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Name (nominee)
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Phone (nominee)
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