Wayfinding Academy is a new 2-year college at the heart of a movement to revolutionize higher education.

We believe there’s more than one way to do life. And one definition of success is not enough. Too often the choice posed is what college to pick. The real choice is what life to pick.

Watch our new video below on the power of maybe, and to learn how Wayfinding Academy is nudging positive change in higher education.


Maybe you or someone you know is interested in attending the Wayfinding Academy?

Maybe you're graduating from high school soon (congratulations!).
Maybe you're figuring out your next step.
Maybe you're really looking for a learning experience that is big enough for your heart, curiosity, and purpose.

Start a conversation today with us about becoming a Wayfinding student. Cohort 2 begins in August.


The Cap & Gown Challenge is happening this month from June 1st to June 30th!

When we invite students to join us at the Wayfinding Academy, the first thing we give them is a cap and gown. If their only reason for going to college was to fulfill society’s expectations and acquire that symbol, they don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Too many people go to college because they’re supposed to, and end up feeling more like objects to be sorted than like humans to be cultivated.

Too often, the cap and gown are just a box to be checked along the path through the traditional higher education system.

We want to flip a backwards higher education system frontwards. To see what that looks like, here's a video of us inviting our first cohort of students.

To further demystify this powerful symbol of achievement, and to support our work in revolutionizing higher education, we launched the Cap & Gown Challenge, a fun peer-to-peer fundraising campaign that runs from June 1st to June 30th.

If every college were driven by these principles, what a dramatically different world we would live in. Thank you, Wayfinding Academy, for being a lighthouse among the deep dark sea known as higher education. May your mission and your students revolutionize education as we know it!
— Dan McDaniel, Wayfinding Academy Luminary