I hope to get better at taking photographs
To see the northern lights
Climb 5 mountains in the PNW
I dream of creating communities where people gather to create, explore, heal and connect.
I would love to travel across the United States, and I hope to travel abroad for my first time!
A sustainable model for income generation that involves doing work at the intersection of my rare & valuable skills and my greatest joys & interests.
To become a 3x award-winning author (Axiom Business Book Award, Benjamin Franklin Award, Independent Publisher Award for Business Book of the Year)
Help at least one immigrant family navigate their new life in the US in 2017.
To become more accepting of my personal weaknesses, and open about my limitations
To have a productive and successful year of good health and work!
My dream is to play in a pen full of puppies!
To have the courage to stand up for what I believe in and fight against what I don’t.
I want to continue my writings and reach a place where I can find complete confidence in my capabilities. Then I want to change the world
To continue to raise awareness of and build advocacy for racial and social justice in Portland.
I want to work to establish a way for me to earn an income remotely, allowing me to travel abroad and earn money anywhere with a wifi connection.
I want to learn to be a professional special effects makeup artist.
To move to Seattle
Successfully pour bronze
Help defeat the Trump agenda.
Full time job
I want to teach my Oracle Playtime method to 100,000 people.
To host my first solo photography show
I dream of meeting my partner-in-life.
I want to be in 2017 a public speaker focusing in kids about motivation and sports. To be able to host 3 workshops in schools.
Officially quit my job in NYC in January and establish myself in Portland, OR while building a six figure business, utilizing my coaching services to help 18+ year olds one-on-one and also through my transformation programs.
Summit Mt. Rainer
I dream of traveling to Venezuela to use my Spanish skills and serve a community in need.
Save sea turtles.
Get into graduate school in Paris (and find a place to live there for cheap).
In 2017, I want to be working for an organization I am passionate about.

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