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  • Wayfinding Academy 8010 NORTH CHARLESTON AVENUE Portland, OR 97203 (map)

with Sarah Hassouneh & Meg Lamberger

How does philosophy show up in the world around us, and in our everyday consumption of popular culture? How can we use popular media to demystify big philosophical concepts and abstract thought? In this lab, we will explore the intersections between philosophy and popular culture in order to break down complex abstract ideas, and make the theoretical accessible.

Through analysis of popular media such as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, memes, Cardi B, and the Kardashians, we will delve into existentialism, political philosophy, metaphysics, philosophy of science and language, and more. Using popular media to do philosophy in a content-based way, we will flex our critical thinking skills, practice engaging in deep analysis and discussion of the theoretical, and learn some history of philosophy - all while discussing our favorite TV shows, books, and celebrities.  

Lab registrations are non-refundable

Finding the Philosophy in Pop Culture is a 2-part Lab series and meets:

  • Saturday, June 22nd, 2019: 10:00am - 4:00pm

  • Saturday, June 29th, 2019: 10:00am - 4:00pm

Meet Your Lab Leaders


Sarah Hassouneh

is a social justice educator who has taught in Detroit, Chicago, and Ramallah, Palestine. She is a graduate of Portland State University where she studied Philosophy and Women's Studies, with a focus on women of color. As a former middle and high school humanities teacher in Chicago and Detroit, as well as a short time spent teaching in Ramallah, Palestine, she has cultivated a holistic and interdisciplinary educational philosophy based on social justice, creative and critical inquiry, and a radical rethinking of our world. Her passion is empowering students of color through radical curriculum, restorative justice, and authentic social and emotional learning. She also spent time in New York in Democracy Now's education department, creating social justice and media literacy curriculum resources for teachers. She enjoys being in nature, writing, reading, and film photography.


Meg Lamberger

is a Cohort 2 student at Wayfinding Academy.  She is interested in English, Writing, and Philosophy.  Throughout her time at Wayfinding Academy she has completed many projects focused on Philosophy, exploring the philosophy of science and epistemology. 

Meg is also working on a self-designed course on applied philosophy, in which she is learning about where Philosophy shows up around us in our everyday lives and how to engage with it regularly in a meaningful way. 

She will graduate from Wayfinding Academy in July of 2019 and will continue to study English. 

Lab registrations are non-refundable