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  • Wayfinding Academy 8010 NORTH CHARLESTON AVENUE Portland, OR 97203 (map)

with Jean Garcia-Chitwood & Michelle Jones

Ever had a trip in mind that you really wanted to take, but were unsure of where to begin the planning process? Do you want practice with travel planning and project management in a fun and hands-on way?

The Venture Planning Lab will take a hands-on project approach and using a trip planning scenario, participants will learn strategies for choice making, project management, budgeting, forecasting, and logistics. Each participant will produce and present a completed trip proposal by the end of the course which can be entered into competition with other trip proposals for future implementation.

Lab registrations are non-refundable

VENTURE PLANNING is a 2-part Lab series and meets:

  • Friday, May 10th, 2019: 4:00PM - 7:00pm

  • Saturday, May 11th, 2019: 9:00AM - 6:00pm

Meet Your Lab Leaders


Jean Garcia-Chitwood

Director of Student Services and Equity & Inclusion and Guide

Jean’s background is in post-secondary education with some dabbling in early childhood and K-12. Throughout her career she has always been passionate about equity and inclusion issues. She has advocated for student access whether it’s been for Latinx high school students to explore careers, or leading diversity efforts at a community college to ensure barriers are removed for all students. She thrives in environments in which all people are treated with respect and dignity and in which all people are provided opportunities to participate, to be fully engaged, and to contribute to their communities. She believes that we learn from each other and that there is hope for a better world. When she is not working, Jean likes to play hard. She likes to work up a good sweat at the gym, or grab a recipe out of a food magazine and cook up a storm. She loves planning, planting, and harvesting from her garden. And she has OCD – Obsessive Canning Disorder!


Michelle Jones

Founder, President, and Chief Academic Officer
Michelle is doing her life's work right now, which is exhilarating and terrifying. During her 15 years teaching Leadership and Organizational Behavior courses in the traditional college system, she had a front row seat for what is broken about that system. About 3 years ago, she began gathering a group of like minded badasses around a vision of what a revolution in higher education could look like. After years of helping groups and non-profits organize for social impact as a volunteer (SuperThank, TEDxMtHood, World Domination Summit) Michelle started her legacy project and the Wayfinding Academy was born.

Lab registrations are non-refundable

Earlier Event: May 7
Later Event: May 11
VENTURE PLANNING (session 2 of 2)