Help us make our house a home

We want to fill our building with the names of supporters. That way, our students will be reminded every day that there is a community of hundreds of people who believed that they are worth supporting, that this community made the Wayfinding experience possible for them.

We want to envelop them with community. 

Below is a list of items in the building that you can claim. There are rooms and doorways and appliances and toilets (yes, those too). We will create small plaques for each thing claimed from this list, and put your name on them. All you have to do to claim an item is do the following:

  1. Make a donation and let us know in the donation form which item you would like to claim.
  2. Depending on the amount you donate, you can have your name (or a message of no more than 30 characters) attached to that item forever.

Monthly donations are also great. If you sign up for a recurring donation you can feel free to choose something from the list valued at up to 12 times your monthly donation amount (example: $50 x 12= $600 item).

So take a look at the list, make a gift, and tell us where you would like leave your name and help create a lasting legacy at the Wayfinding Academy Global HQ. 


$100,000 Level

  • The Great Hall


$50,000 Level

  • Commons room
  • Fireside room

$25,000 Level

  • South entrance
  • Front entrance

$15,000 Level

  • North classroom
  • Kitchen


$10,000 Level

  • Entry hall
  • Reception area
  • Basement classroom
  • Big basement room
  • Conference room
  • North office
  • North side entrance

$5,000 Level

  • Downstairs landing room
  • Internet room
  • Furnace room
  • Tech office
  • Faculty office
  • Development office
  • Partner office
  • Roof


$2,500 Level

  • Bathroom (3)
  • Reading nook (CLAIMED)
  • Common's Beam (CLAIMED)
  • Front lawn (CLAIMED)
  • Giant tree
  • Custom conference table
  • Outside fence

$1,500 Level

  • Storage room
  • Stairway
  • Fireplace (Fireside room) (CLAIMED)

$1,000 Level

  • Great hall stage (CLAIMED)
  • Great hall doorway (2)
  • Commons doorway (2)
  • Great hall projector and screen
  • Toilet paper dispensers (1/2 available)
  • Original Chalkboard (CLAIMED)


$500 Level

  • East downstairs exit
  • West downstairs exit
  • Fireside room doorway (1/2)
  • Whiteboard (CLAIMED)
  • Kitchen doorway
  • Front gate (CLAIMED)
  • South gate
  • North gate
  • Security closet
  • Great hall mirrors
  • Air conditioning unit (CLAIMED)
  • Supply closet (2)
  • Commons arch windows (2)
  • Furnace (2)
  • Gutter system
  • Shower
  • Toilet (3)
  • Great hall sound system

$250 Level

  • Upstairs window (11/16 available)
  • Smaller trees/bushes (17/19 available)
  • Kitchen stove
  • Kitchen sink (CLAIMED)
  • Parking space (2/8 available)
  • Kitchen dishwasher
  • Kitchen fridge
  • Fireside room projector and screen


$100 Level

  • Downstairs window (3/5 available)
  • Paper towel dispenser (3)
  • Hallway cabinets (4/6 available)
  • Kitchen cabinets (1/8 available)
  • Internet hotspots (3/5 available)
  • Conference tables (1/4 available)
  • Green benches (2) (CLAIMED)
  • Security cameras (4/5 available)

$50 Level

  • Outdoor flood lights (6/10 available)
  • Storage closets (2) (CLAIMED)
  • Electrical outlets (84/100 available)
  • Light switch (9/20 available)



Funds from this campaign directly support students. You’ll fund teachers, classrooms, materials, advocates, and support services. You will make it possible for all of our students to have a life-changing experience not available in the traditional system.


In addition to having your name on a piece of the building, you’ll receive:

  • massive amounts of gratitude
  • invitations to special events
  • opportunities to volunteer and mentor students
  • Ability to claim that you were one of the founding donors and helped built this college from the ground up
  • Knowledge that you’ve helped each student grow to their fullest potential, sparked the higher education revolution, and made the world better

A monthly donation is the best way to support our students for the long-haul. It's easy, quick, and secure, and it helps give us the kind of support we will need to help these young adults reach their distinct potential.