Living life on purpose means not staying stagnant--it’s about stretching your edges, learning new skills, and building on existing knowledge. Wayfinding Labs help you do just that. These 12-hour courses are where our community and college meet to nurture your constant growth. 

There are no anonymous lecture halls here. Instead, expert Lab faculty teach in the “Wayfinding Way”: small group settings designed for lots of discussion and interaction. Learners of all ages join our full-time students for a rich mix of perspectives.

Labs are 12-hour workshops that offer the chance to dive into a specific subject over the course of a weekend or several weeknights.

Term 3 Labs: 

The added bonus:
By registering for a Lab, you are contributing to a new model of community-supported education. 

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A community I’d like a future with.
— Dan Scofield, Lab Attendee

Previous Labs we've offered include: