29 years old
San Francisco, CA


....the dream of traveling and learning about other places and its people.

I hope to find the confidence to try to learn the things I’ve always dreamt of but for some reason couldn’t start – like how to play music, speak another language, and how to build something with my hands. I want to become a better writer, do yoga, play sports, learn to create podcasts, and how to organize community events (a non-profit idea I have is to establish an unassuming platform for insecure beginners to get together with other insecure beginners in a safe place to learn new life skills together.)

Furthermore, I want to learn tangible life skills, create art, and stretch my brain’s capacity for understanding our differences.


Nobody in my family, past or present, has ever attended college.

I've probably completed more than 100 college credits in my life, spanning attendance in 5 different colleges.

I was recently accepted to and moved across the country to study at an Ivy League university. Once there, however, I learned that, despite my preparation and hopes, this was not the environment where I would be encouraged to be my best, most true self.


It’s no secret that relationships formed during college are oftentimes the most fruitful and lasting bonds that people can make, and I’ve always longed to find that connection. The problem for me, however, was that I never felt connected with those around me in traditional education…. It felt like those surrounding me were never truly thinking of their futures. They seemingly never questioned the finiteness of life or how they may want to make a bigger impact on the world besides getting through life having fun and earning money the way we are expected to.

Over the next two years I want to feel accepted, to be around others that I understand and who understand me. I want us to help each other, have fun with each other, and for me to finally feel the satisfaction of that elusive feeling of a “college experience.” I want to learn how to live this amazing life that I dream of. I want to listen to people with more life experience than myself, have meaningful discussions, and cultivate friendships that hopefully will be fruitful for the rest of my life.

After all, it may have taken me seemingly forever to get to this point, but there are reasons I’m still here. I think it’s fate.


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