Each student completes 2 internships at Wayfinding. As of now, they can be completed at any time while they are here but the program is designed so that they do internships when they are only taking one core course (term 3 in their first year and terms 2 or 3 in their second year). Internships should, at the very least, meet the following requirements: 

  • They help the student to stretch

  • They help the student make new connections 

  • They last for at least 108 hours

Community Engagement Philosophy

The Student Community Engagement Center (SCEC) is committed to creating engagement opportunities based on the idea that every member of our community has the power to be an agent of social change.

Finding an Internship

Wayfinding has compiled a list of organizations that students can look into for internships. Some we know offer internships and others we believe might be good matches for students to connect with to develop internships or build connections.

When Students Find an Internship...

They should fill out The Learning Agreement form.
The document should be filled out carefully by the internship site supervisor and the intern. Electronic signatures are fine.

Self and Society Project

Students have the option of doing an independent study rather than a traditional internship. We call this option a Self and Society Project. The baseline requirements for these are the same as a traditional internship. Students must: 

  • complete 108 hours of work

  • learn valuable skills and 

  • make connections in the community

They must find a supervisor who is willing to see them through the whole project.

To take advantage of this option, the student must also collaborate with the Internships Supervisor and the Internship Coordinator to create a ”Roadmap” of their own internship.

For Community Partners

If you and/or your organization would like to partner with us and host one of our students as an intern, please fill out the Internship Interest Form.