21 years Old
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I Am INterested in...

Music, food, large scale events and connecting people with those they belong with.

My Experience With Education Goes like This...

I was born into a fairly successful family that had everything we needed; I never wanted for much. Around the age of sixteen I was sent to a boarding school for troubled youth. That experience showed me a lot of other types of people and made me realize how small my world was.

I tried to attend college, but that did not work very well for me at the time. I started working and sought out jobs that would be considered more "dead end" and learned more about people. Around that time my parents starting bringing me along to World Domination Summit, [a worldwide gathering of people leading unconventional lives], which really opened my horizons. That was the point in my life I found my passion to create communities and really connect people with one another.


I was too young [when I tried college], and was not devoted to my education.

I am at a point in my life [now] where I want to go. I think college will help me find my path and start a career. I have ideas on what I would like to do, but I don't know the logistics of my ideas.

I need help to get a plan in place to make my passions my business. The next step for me is knowledge, I have to inform myself as best as possible to make the correct choices.

I have been living a life that I am not happy with anymore, and I would like to find the right one for me. I think that the Wayfinding Academy will help me to find that path that suits me.


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