How to Master Your Finances

Do you ever feel stressed about your finances? Do you ever dream about the things you would do with more financial freedom? This Lab will teach you step by step how to establish savings, improve credit and build wealth. You will learn actionable steps you can take no matter how much you have in your accounts today.

We will begin with the root of financial stability, creating a budget.

  • Find out what percentage of income you should send toward housing, utilities and the essentials based on your specific needs.
  • Learn how your finances compare to common benchmarks to discover where you are and how to achieve your goals.
  • Learn how to cut costs and free up funds for travel, experiences and personal fulfillment.

With a budget in place, get a better understanding of your credit.

  • Find out what makes up your credit score so you know exactly how to improve it and keep it up.
  • Learn how your credit score affects many areas of your life including your home and auto payments, insurance rates and even employment prospects.
  • During this seminar you will learn how to get and stay in the top credit tier, deemed “Excellent” by FICO®.

With the fundamentals of budget and credit down, we will drill deeper into investing, building wealth and insuring your assets. We will be privileged to host Todd Micciche, a Portland-grown financial advisor with more than 11 years’ advising experience and numerous certifications. Todd will bring a sharp mind and an empathetic ear to answer your personal questions about almost any financial issue, with specialties in investments, insurance, and preparing for retirement.

We’re not interested in canned presentations or in talking at each other. We want to have a two-way dialogue with you aimed only at helping you build a foundation for financial independence and personal strength. If this resonates with you, we hope to hear from you and can’t wait to welcome you to this Lab.

Meet Your Lab Leader:

As a part of the Credit Union philosophy “People Helping People", Unitus Community Credit Union is committed to building, strengthening and enhancing the lives of those who live and work in the communities we serve. While our support takes many forms, we strive to enhance and strengthen our communities and to demonstrate our commitment as being a trusted partner. We accomplish this mission through a focus on financial literacy and health and human services, which includes supporting organizations that provide vital services, such as food, shelter, clothing, counseling and medical care to individuals, families and children. Additionally, Unitus has been named one of the Top Ten Philanthropic Companies by Portland Business Journal each year from 2010-2014.