How to Listen to Your Gut:
Personal Decision Making

Wayfinding means making choices. What choices and strategies do you rely on most? Do they work as well as you would like? We’ve all been in the midst of a difficult decision, unsure of what we feel due to the stress pushing us toward action with an intensity that seems to drive us. Meanwhile, we’ve lost touch with what our intuition may have told us, and we notice we’re lost in overthinking, unsure how to stop the spin. If this sounds familiar, this Lab has been designed for you.

In this Lab you will learn: 

  • Four radically different ways to make choices through the courage to trust your gut, trust the signs, trust the one you admire, and be rational
  • How to understand your intuition and whether it’s working for you
  • Advantages and disadvantages of a purely rational approach
  • How to identify and hone your own decision-making style.
  • Decision making in complex situations 

Meet Your Lab Leader:

Jesse Laird is a Portland native. He earned graduate degrees in conflict resolution and human rights education at Portland State University and the University of San Francisco (respectively). Since 2008 he has taught interdisciplinary courses in the humanities and social sciences for the University of Louisville, Northwest Indian College and Concordia University, Portland. Right now Jesse is homesteading off-the-grid with his wife, Kristine. They are both interested in self-reliance and mutual aid.