22 years Old
Portland, OR


I started a degree in architecture at University of Idaho and PCC Sylvania. I completed about two years in the program and decided that architecture wasn't for me. In the long run I knew it wouldn't make me happy and I didn't want to waste money when I didn't know what I wanted to do.

I always felt I had to go [to college], instead of feeling I wanted to go. So I did it. I chose a major, attended college, and even was on the dean’s list. The problem was, I was still just going through the motions, trying to find passion wherever I looked, trying to figure out if the major I chose was really what I wanted to do. I thought it was just the school I chose, so I transferred to Portland State University. There, I was behind from the start in my architecture classes and all of my other classes just repeated things I already learned in high school. Still confused about what the point was, I transferred to Portland Community College in order to take some exploratory classes along with more residential based architecture.

I Am passionate About

...trying new things, whether in experiences or in food. This year my goal has been to go somewhere and to try something new every month and so far I’ve been successful. The other night I had duck eggs for dinner.

I hope I find a way to help contribute to the world in a way that really needs me. I [want to] complete a wide variety of internships potentially as an event planner, a hotel manager, a teacher, a vintner, [or] international relations.


Part of my problem has been that the lessons I have learned throughout school haven’t necessarily been what the teacher was grading me on. For example, my oceanography teacher, shared something he was passionate about in class, not part of the curriculum; he introduced us to aquaponics. I was really intrigued and even did research outside school. The subjects we were graded on didn’t necessarily pique my curiosity making the facts hard to remember.

Though I knew the basics of the information taught in class and was even tutoring others, I was still having trouble. In order to get good grades, I needed to memorize facts and dates for an exam–facts I wouldn’t remember a week after taking the test. This continual smothering of my curiosity took a toll on my potential love of education.

Over the next two years I want to try new things and find out what I’m passionate about. I want to look at the world and education with a new understanding and perspective. I will grow into the person I always have been but haven’t known how to show: confident, outgoing, caring, and innovative.


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