Our primary mission here at Wayfinding Academy is to help our students live life on purpose. That's what we do throughout our two-year degree-granting college program.

Thankfully, we’re not the only ones thinking about what it means to live life with intention. Many others are sharing their own stories about what it's like to explore an alternative path through life.

We'd like to share some of those stories with you - a hand-selected set of talks that members of the Wayfinding community have found to be particularly impactful. 

But we're not just going to leave it at that. We're also going to share some prompts related to each talk so that after watching you can reflect on what you heard and put into action the ideas that were the most meaningful to you.


We’re calling this gift 5 Talks & 5 Prompts to Help You Live Life on Purpose, and if you share with us your email below, we'll send it to you:

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Here's to living life on purpose,

- The Wayfinding Team