We have designed a unique Wayfinding Lab-type experience, but with an even more handcrafted twist to give prospective students a glimpse of what you will start to explore in your introductory course. We'll also spend some time talking about what the Wayfinding Academy is and answer any questions you might have! Lunch or coffee will be provided for all who attend. 

In this Lab we will examine the questions "Who am I?" "What do I want to contribute to the world?" and "What is the next step?" Together we'll explore your greatest passions, your life purpose, why you do what you do, and the meaning of success.

The people who are the most fulfilled in life all have a great understanding of who they are. They know what makes them happy, they know their values, their strengths, skills, unique gifts, passions, they know what's important to them – then they make decisions about the life they want and how they want to make a contribution to the world based on this self-knowledge. 

Meet your Lab Leader:

Michelle Jones is a former traditional model college professor who started her own college, the Wayfinding Academy, last year. Her 16 years spent teaching leadership and organizational behavior courses at colleges and universities across the country has prepared her well to re-imagine what higher education can be with this new endeavor. For many years she watched university bureaucracies leach away students' creativity, passion, and joy and she is on a mission to change that. 


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