21 years Old
Portland, OR

I Am INterested in...

Travel, music, and psychology. To pursue my travel desire I go as many places as I can (ex. Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica) and learn about the cultures as best as time allows. I more recently developed a passion for psychology from an introductory class I'm taking at PCC. Finally, I love to listen to music, associate myself with musically talented people and really pay attention to the power and influence music can have on people (specifically rap).

My Experience With Education Goes like This...

My entire education up until college had been a breeze for me. I rarely felt the need to study for tests or even engage in class because all of the material was too easy, it began to bore me.

The Rotary District of Tualatin changed my life when they offered me the chance to spend [my junior] year abroad in Argentina. I learned so much about myself, what's important to me, what it feels like to be a citizen of more than one country, how outside opinions of the United States differ from those of its nationals, how to be confident, a burning passion for tennis, the Spanish language, and so many more aspects of life that changed the way I had perceived the world.

I went to the University of Arizona for my freshman year of college, straight out of high school. I was able to afford the out of state tuition because of an academic scholarship I received. However, when I got to the school the social lifestyle overtook me, became a problem and dominated over my education. At the end of the year I lost my scholarship and had to come back home. In retrospect, I sometimes wish I hadn't gone there in the first place because I took the failure to heart and was disappointed in myself. On the other hand I had some of the best experiences of my life and met some of the greatest people I know. It was a bittersweet year.


In my wildest dreams I would like to make a global impact on the issues of inequality (not only racial but also economical). The question is though, how can I do that? I'm not sure as to where to start.

Had I not been introduced to the Wayfinding Academy, I was originally going to go to University of Oregon to complete a bachelor's degree. The only problem was that I have no idea what I want to dedicate myself to right now.

I believe that Wayfinding Academy is a good fit for me because I have a burning desire to move forward in my life and begin the path to my self actualization.

I foresee myself stretching my current social limits and hopefully expanding them by the end of everything. At the end of the program I hope to have made many new and prospective life connections. I hope that I will be able to confidently move forward in life and realize my goals and dreams with the knowledge provided behind me.


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