20 years Old
Portland, OR

I Am INterested in...

Currently my biggest passion is telling stories, whether that be through writing photography\film, or fiber arts. I'm really fascinated by how people connect with one another through what has happened to them in their past.

Another passion of mine that is a continuous facet in my everyday life is knitting. The act of making something with my own hands is in part a spiritual and meditative process for me. I'm always looking to grow and learn in this practice. I've started calling it practical art because I've noticed people are hesitant to call things that you make and use in a daily setting as art but I see pieces like a sweater for example as not a final product but a time line each stitch marks a space of time where I was creating something that was not there before.

My Experience With Education Goes like This...

The story of my education begins with a play. I suppose it didn't really start with a play...when I was about 11 I joined a youth theater production of M*A*S*H...there came a time when I was sitting with the head teaching director and for whatever reason the topic of school came up. I was shocked to find out that most of my new friends...were part of a homeschooling group. This horrified me - but how do you learn? Where do you go all day? What do you do? Aren’t you bored? Of course they were none of those things, and it was then that the idea was given to me that learning wasn't simply about what you can and cannot memorize within a given slot during the day, but a passion and drive to not only communicate as well as listen and grow as a person. To this day I'm so eternally grateful my family was so willing to make the jump from a public school setting to {homeschooling}. Through that community I was challenged to ask myself what brings you joy? And how can you bring joy to others? How can we help each other?


What now? what next? There are so many things I'm excited for. I want to be able to focus in on my passions crafting a path to integrate them into living a life with focused intent in, and maybe along the way gain new ones. I want to travel and gain a better understanding how I see other people in the world. What I am most drawn to about Wayfinding as a whole is that it speaks to the way I grew into seeing education...By understanding that with learning comes asking questions of others and ourselves so that life can be lived with purpose and passion.


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