We're Making You A Gift


We've got a gift that we're working on right now, a gift that we'd like to give to our students and to our broader community.

It's called 5 Talks & 5 Prompts to Help You Live Life on Purpose.


The idea is that we'll select five talks (think TED Talks, commencement addresses, etc.) that are particularly impactful and then pair each talk with a prompt so that after watching you're able to process, reflect on, and then act on the ideas shared.

Here's the thing though...we haven't picked the talks yet. We want you to help with that. We want to co-create this gift with your input.

So here's what you can do: hop on over to this Facebook post and leave a comment sharing the single talk (with a link to the video if you can find it) that has most helped you live your life on purpose. If you notice your talk already in the comments, give it a like - that will be casting your vote for that talk.

And if you're not on Facebook, feel free to leave a comment below and share the talk that way.

After a few days of voting we'll take the top five and then start crafting the prompts! 

Thanks for the support as we work to help our students fill their lives with purpose. We can't wait to check out all of the talks you suggest.


-The Wayfinding Team

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