A Look Back At The Past Term


We've reached the end of the first term of the second year of Wayfinding Academy.

For us it flew by, so we thought we'd take this opportunity to look back and reflect on what happened in the past few months, using our weekly video series This is Wayfinding to help with that task.

If you've been meaning to catch up on that series, here's your chance :)

Show (y)our Work Retreat

The very first episode of This is Wayfinding! Join us at our summer all-hands-on-deck retreat as we planned out the new "Show (y)our Work" chief initiative for this academic year.

Orientation 2017: Wayfinding Welcomes Cohort 2!

An up-close view of what Orientation week looked like for our newest students.

Wayfinding Academy's Student Body Government

Have a look at the first student body government meeting of the new academic year!

Wayfinding on the River

When the forecast calls for 100 degrees, this is how you beat the heat at Wayfinding Academy.

How We Keep Tuition Costs Low

A look at a recent study on upward mobility in higher education, and a conversation about Wayfinding Academy's financial model and how we keep tuition costs low.

This is Wayfinding: Meet Liam & Bora

Meet a few of our students and hear what they're working on in their first month at Wayfinding.

Wayfinding Academy Labs: The Power of Food

Learn about the role that Labs play within Wayfinding Academy's educational model, and how you can join in on one!

How to put on a TEDx event

Want to know what it takes to run a TEDx event? Here's a behind-the-scenes look at how Wayfinding Academy students, crew, and community members put on TEDxMtHood 2017!

Tucker's Tenacious Brain Map

Ever felt the need to get all of your ideas out of your head and onto a page? So did one of our students, Tucker. Here's how it went.

Meet the Matchmakers: How Wayfinding Academy Does Student Recruitment

It might seem odd to refer to student recruitment as matchmaking, but like everything else at Wayfinding Academy, we do things a bit differently here.

Understanding Our World

An up-close look at one of the courses within Wayfinding Academy's core curriculum, and the educational philosophy behind it.

The First-Ever Wayfinding Academy Art Show

Hear from one of our students, Tina, who hosted a social justice themed art show at Wayfinding Academy.

That's quite a bit, isn't it!? And we only captured just a fraction of the things going on here.

Thanks for following along with the journey. Much more to come!

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