Live Your Dreams Party 2017


At Wayfinding Academy, we like to dream.

We also like to back up those dreams with action. (If we didn't we never would have gotten this college off of the ground in the first place.)

Last Saturday we had the opportunity to celebrate not just our dreams as a new college, but the dreams of those within our broader community at the 2nd-annual Live Your Dreams party.


We danced (Bollywood-style, among others).

We showed off a newly-painted ceiling and mural in Navigation Hall.

We wrote our dreams on a classroom wall.

To see all of that, check out the recap video of the event at the top of this post.

And then, if you'd like to support the dreams of Wayfinding Academy students, consider donating to our end-of-year fundraising campaign.

We promise to back up those dreams (and those dollars) with the same hard work that has gotten us this far.


- The Wayfinding Team

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