Let's get visual


Do you remember back in May when we shared what our students were up to for their internships and how one of those students, Austin, was developing his visual thinking skills?

Well, that's not the only way that students and staff have been tapping into the visual powers of the brain. Here are a few more stories for you...

Tucker's Tenacious Brain Map

Recently, cohort 1 student Tucker decided to dump everything in his brain onto a single sheet of large poster paper in order to create the space for new ideas and opportunities to emerge.


You can hear more about that process in the latest episode of This is Wayfinding. We think you'll enjoy getting to know Tucker a bit better by seeing what he's been thinking about and where he might go from here:

Bora's Road Map

Then we've got Bora, a student in cohort 2. If you ever drop in on one of their classes, she's easy to spot - the one with a large sketchbook and set of markers, taking colorful visual notes of the conversation.


She's also going big with her visual thinking, creating a wall-sized road map to capture her journey here at Wayfinding and beyond. (Which might sound familiar if you caught this video episode from a few weeks ago.)

Empathy Maps and Visual Transcripts


It's not just students, though. At a recent crew meeting we used a visual tool called an empathy map to help us better understand and serve those who are supporting our cause (thank you Luminaries!) and those whom we're building this place for (our students, of course).


We even got to chat about visual transcripts with Rodney Parks from Elon University, who has been doing innovative work in that field, helping to better capture and share what a student has learned during their time in college.

Upcoming Lab on Visual Thinking


If you'd like to join in on all of this visual goodness, then consider attending our lab in January on sketchnoting! In that four-week series (which only costs $30!!!) you'll learn how to develop your own visual note-taking skills and then put those skills to work on whatever learning, problem-solving, or idea-sharing project you're most interested in. Check out the details of that Lab here.

Let the journey continue (visual and otherwise). Thanks for being a part of it.

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