How to put on a TEDx event


Last weekend, a year's worth of work culminated in a transformative day-long experience known as TEDxMtHood.

This was the seventh year that Wayfinding Academy President and Founder, Michelle Jones, was the lead organizer of the event.


But for the Wayfinding students on the planning team, as well as those that served as day-of volunteers, it was their first time seeing an event like this from the inside.

Here are just a few of the roles that Wayfinding students, crew, and community members took on: volunteer coordinator, speaker concierge, blog post writer, door guard, camera operator, food truck helper, and action break planner.


Want to see all of those roles in action and hear what students had to say about them?

Check out the latest episode of This is Wayfinding in which we take you behind-the-scenes throughout the day-long event.


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