From internships to independent studies, our students are rocking Term 3

Here's what some of our students have been up to lately ...

Real-world experiences are an important part of our 2-year program. Students get their hands dirty with internships, mentorships, and Learn & Explore trips (like our journey on the Camino in April). All the while, students document their experiences and learnings in a portfolio that they can carry with them far beyond college.

In this first month of Term 3 (and the last term of Year 1!), students started internships and working on pretty awesome projects. Here's what two of our students are up to:

Exploring healing through movement

"During the next few weeks, I will be using several different mediums to learn about the history, science, theory and practice of conscious/creative movement and its ability to aid in shifting old belief patterns and healing soul wounds. I have found movement to be an incredibly powerful tool that allows us to explore the connections between body, mind, and heart. I am fascinated by the resilience of the human spirit, and our body’s wisdom and ability to heal itself. Movement allows me to lean into the discomfort and let go, to dance with the light and shadow parts of myself. I find that when I do this I am able to be present and engage with life more fully."

To read Hannah's Facebook post announcing her project and asking for support and mentorship, please click here.

Exploring what it means to live an epic life

For several months, Austin has been working with Doug Neill of Verbal to Visual to capture and process his learning and experiences. Recently, in this episode of Visual Conversations, Austin talked about his time walking the Camino de Santiago – how he used sketchnotes to capture the experience, the major takeaways from the experience as a whole, and some plans for a future project. Austin took to Facebook to share more about this next project. 

"I'm starting this project! I don't know what I'm doing, I don't know how to do any of this, I don't know what it will turn into, I don't know who will support me, I don't know if it will even work - But, I do know why I'm doing it. I believe it's possible to live an epic life, and I don't believe I'm currently living it right now. The past year and a half, I've been thinking a lot about what it means to live an epic life - to do work that makes me feel alive. Well - I'm tired of thinking about it. I want to actually DO. I want to document the process of pursuing a life that excites, energizes, and challenges. I want to acknowledge that I'm not where I want to be and that I don't know how to get there - but say screw it and do it anyways because it's worth trying."

You can watch Austin's videos and learn how you get involved in his epic experience by visiting his project website here.

We'll share more about other interesting projects and internships over the next few weeks including a very exciting internship happening within the Wayfinding crew. One of our students, Elizabeth, is working alongside our Chief Business Officer, Bjarke, and together they are scheming up a smart way to incorporate play in actions for social justice. And another student, Tucker, is helping the Rebuilding Center tell their stories and engage the community.

We promise to cultivate humans who are empowered to thrive throughout the rest of their lives and helping students to develop their own individualized portfolio of experiences, such as internships and special projects, is an important and exciting part of fulfilling that promise.