The First-Ever Wayfinding Academy Art Show


There's a line in Wayfinding Academy's creed that goes like this:

"We are humans to be cultivated, not objects to be sorted. We value students before edifice. And crafting by hand over assembling by line."

It's that "crafting by hand" piece that we'd like to highlight in this post.


Last weekend we hosted back-to-back events here at Wayfinding HQ.

On Saturday - an open house in which new friends and prospective students gathered to get to know us and get to know our space a bit better.

On Sunday - an art show with the theme of social justice hosted by TJ, a student in cohort 2.


On display were works of art contributed by both students and staff. From photographs to paintings to illustrations to calligraphy.

All crafted by hand. All filled with purpose.

Those works of art were the starting points of conversations that filled the room that day. Because when you craft something by hand, you create not just an artifact but also a story, one that can transform both the artist and those who experience the art.

Here's to making hand-crafted art and a hand-crafted education.

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