Orientation 2017: Wayfinding Welcomes Cohort 2!


What happens when 18 new Wayfinding Academy students spend a week in the woods together? One word: Magic.

At Wayfinding, we do things a little differently than other colleges. Instead of a first day of class where you feel lost and alone, barely finding your way to the lecture hall, we create a week long, immersive orientation experience that builds community and trust.

Cohort 2 entered into their time at Wayfinding by attending their first classes at a retreat center in the woods with professors who know them by name. When students looked to their left and right they saw someone they now may know better than some of their close friends. They let go of their fears, doubts, and anything holding them back from fully stepping into and embracing this next chapter in their life.

For many of these students this is a chance to make education work for THEM, not the other way around. This was a week of stretching, being challenged, and taking new risks with each other to build a strong foundation and learning community that will support them during their time at Wayfinding.

Take a peek at our video below to see a glimpse into the experience and hear directly from several of our new students! 

Orientation wrapped up back at Wayfinding HQ where family and friends joined our community to celebrate. Students are now ready to begin their two-year journey feeling connected to each other and the Wayfinding Community, feeling a strong sense of ownership over their experience, and fully understanding the expectations of being a Wayfinder.

This is not an ordinary moment. Thank you for being here on this journey with us!