Show (y)our Work Retreat || This is Wayfinding: Episode 1

Back in early July, the Wayfinding community traveled to White Salmon, Washington to discuss the chief initiative for the upcoming school year. 

Inspired by Austin Kleon’s book Show Your Work and fueled by the desire to share more of the story behind what’s going on at Wayfinding Academy with supporters from around the globe, President Michelle Jones chose "Show (y)our Work" as the chief initiative for the 2017/2018 school year. 

Throughout the retreat participants explored what showing your work could look like for Wayfinding Academy, a new college that's got its sights set on revolutionizing higher education.

In line with the core idea behind that new chief initiative, I got to be there (with camera in hand) to capture some of the activities and conversations that took place. 

I’m Doug Neill, Wayfinding’s new Documentarian, and I’m excited to share with you the first episode of a new weekly video series called This is Wayfinding.  

I hope you enjoy the first installment in that series by watching the video above.

In an effort to explore a bit more directly the idea of a Chief Initiative in general and the purpose behind the Year 2 Initiative of Show (y)Our Work specifically, I sat down with Michelle for a short Q & A about what this all means: 

As we mention in the video above, we'd love to hear what type of work you'd like us to show! What behind-the-scenes goodies would you like us to send your way?

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Thanks, and see you in the next episode of This is Wayfinding!