Building Cohort 2!

It’s hard to believe, but our March 10th priority deadline for Cohort 2 is fast approaching and we’ve started to review applications! This next cohort will join us as we continue laying the foundation for something truly special at Wayfinding Academy. 

If you have ideas on who else may want to know about us, jump here for ways to help us build cohort 2!
What we’ve found over the last eight months is that our students are eager to start something big. We’re here to support and encourage them while also building something big together (you know, that flip higher education frontwards thing).
Justin and Clara, two current students, recently shared a bit about what they’ve discovered at Wayfinding and how our community is a catalyst for big things…

From Justin

I’ve dropped out of 3 traditional colleges. I always thought it was my problem and I kind of blamed myself. After dropping out, I got mad at myself and then one day I heard about Wayfinding Academy. Wayfinding asked me, “Do you want to do big things with your life?” which was really inspirational and motivating for me.

Now I’m surrounded by people who see me as more than just a direction in life. I’ve learned I feel much more capable when surrounded by people who care. At Wayfinding I feel like the things I want to do with my life are valid and instead of being asked, “Why do you want to do that,” the response is “Ok, cool, how can you get there?”

I think what we're trying to build here is a community of people who care about actually being a part of bigger social change. There’s a lot of work, effort, love, and passion. Our ideal prospective student is someone who wants to be a part of something big.

From Clara

When I tell other people about Wayfinding Academy, I tell them it's a real college, it feels like school. The difference is that you really care about it, it’s engaging, and you’re not being shuffled into a box, you’re not stuck in that cycle. I’ve always known I'm someone who has weird dreams—things that aren't always necessarily plausible. Since coming to Wayfinding I still have those crazy dreams, but I talk about them as things I know I can do. And that's really awesome, and it's scary, and it's stressful, but I know that I can do them and overcome the challenge in a way I didn't know I could before. 

Here there's been this drastic change where I don't even think “Am I able to do that?” instead it's just “I'm going to learn” and that’s really changed how I approach everything in my life. I get excited a lot more about stuff and it’s changed my ability to keep going even when things get hard. 

Justin and Clara’s insights and experiences are the core of what we do. 

As people who believe in what we’re doing to change higher education, we’d love your continued help in finding our next cohort of students who yearn to connect with a community, have a meaningful impact, and start something big.

Let's build Cohort 2 together!

Help us connect with Wayfinders who haven’t yet found us by:

  • Connecting us with journalists, publications, and media connections in your area that may be interested in our story! Students all over the country find us best when they hear about us through stories in newspapers, magazines, on podcasts, etc.

  • Emailing an educator, school counselor, youth worker, etc. who may cross paths with prospective Wayfinders and sharing our Prospective Student Booklet.
  • Encouraging students who would thrive here to reach out to us.

To Life On Purpose!

-The Matchmaking Team