It's Our Anniversary!

On February 17, 2015 I booked a hotel room in my hometown of Portland, Oregon (a thing I do a few times per year when I have a big project I need to focus on) and submitted the official legal documents to bring the Wayfinding Academy into existence. There have been many momentous days in the past two years since I officially started my own college, but February 17th will always have a special place in our history (and in the IRS database of non-profit organizations).

Here is a visual timeline of the Wayfinding journey so far:


Thank you to those of you who have been following the journey from the beginning ... I am honored to have your ongoing support. Thank you to the new friends who have joined us along the way because you believe in what we are creating.

We look forward to many more anniversaries and celebrations of milestones together.

With gratitude,

Michelle D. Jones, Ph.D. is the founder and President of Wayfinding Academy, a brand new 2-year non-profit college in Portland, OR at the heart of a movement to revolutionize higher education. Her background is in Organizational Behavior and Leadership and her 15 years as a college professor revealed that the way we do higher education in the United States is backwards and she is on a quest to turn it frontwards by starting (not ending) with the question, “What do you want to do with your life?”