How to Pull Off the Impossible: 3 BIG Announcements


In the past three weeks, we have

  1. Enrolled our first students. 
  2. Received official approval from the State of Oregon to grant degrees. 
  3. Signed the papers for the purchase of our campus building.

At first, these tasks seemed intimidating and far-flung...

  • How will we find a students who will put their trust in us during our first year?
  • How will our tiny, unconventional college survive the same approval process as the behemoth institutions?

  • How will we afford a $1 million dollar building?

As more and more people connected with our cause, rallied with us, offered their expertise, and cheered us on, the impossible became possible.

Our community hashed out logistics, boarded our crew in different cities, and captured powerful moments on camera for our cross-country Commencement Day surprises. They offered expertise for our 140+ page application with the State of Oregon. They discounted architectural and engineering services, garnered neighborhood support, and formed an LLC to purchase our campus home. They act as cheerleaders everyday.

It’s hard to explain the intensity of the challenges and joys that come from being part of a community nudging massive change in higher education, so here it is, in their own words:

What Wayfinders Are Saying

“This has been one of the most beautiful, most important things I have ever been a part of in my life. So grateful / happy / excited / heart-warmed!”  
- Gina Lorubbio, Wayfinding Crew

“*Tearing up* This is amazing. I'm so honored to get to be a part of this!”  
- Ashley Mudra, Dedicated Volunteer who surprised several students for “Commencement Day”

“Can't wait to see what happens with this - this is a lot more than an education, I know Michelle and her amazing team will succeed because of the students they are choosing. Happy to play a part!”  - Wes Wages, documentary filmmaker who captured footage for “Commencement Day”

“This is thoughtful action at its best, educating the mind by way of the heart. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this already very special community.”  - Susannah Hayler, Wayfinding Student, Inaugural Cohort

“This is so FREAKING COOL! I'm so honored to be a part of this school.” 
 - Sean Harry, Luminary who dedicated several Saturdays to “Commencement Day” planning

“Everything that you guys have done has been absolutely breathtaking. You’re all such amazing, world-changing people, and I’m continually inspired by you.”
 - Clara Burros, Wayfinding Student, Inaugural Cohort

Do you want to be part of this crazy/challenging/rewarding endeavor? In one month, we’re putting on a (Wayfinder) weekend of magical moments for you, our community. Join us as we gather this community of Wayfinders in one spot for the first time ever.

We hope to make its amazingness shine as bright as all of you.

Thank you for helping us pull off the impossible,
Wayfinding Academy Crew