What’s the Difference Between Wayfinding Academy and Traditional College?


We’ve been craving a quick way to answer this question. While we certainly have our elevator pitches, tag lines, and sound bites, the real answer is that the difference is woven into every. single. detail.

Much of the good will be too subtle to detect. It goes deeper than the tip-of-the-iceberg response we can afford to give in short interactions.

It’s how we check out Lab attendees on LinkedIn before they show up so we can surprise and delight them when they arrive.

It’s how we’re devising ways for people to connect with each other at Wayfinder Weekend on a level far beyond the standard exchange of business cards.

It’s how we make sure core curriculum teachers are advising Advocates and Advocates are leading Labs and Lab leaders are on the Board. It’s this cross-pollination that makes all the pieces of Wayfinding whole, and ensures everyone, not just the teachers, knows and cares about the students.

It’s how we have a real-time conversation with each prospective student BEFORE they apply to make sure we’re a good fit.

It’s how we’ve painstakingly revised our vocabulary around ‘admissions.’ Instead of ‘accepting’ and ‘rejecting’ people, we’re conducting a ‘matchmaking process’ to ‘find a good fit’ and then ‘inviting’ students to join us.

It’s how we built said matchmaking process to be of value to each applicant, regardless of whether they end up at Wayfinding Academy.

It’s in the ‘Find Your Fit Day’ happening this very Sunday. We’re bringing potential students together, and instead of grilling them with questions, we’ve given equal space for them to ask questions and get to know us, too.

It’s how we’re taking a part of the college experience that most universities just send out a piece of paper for and taking it a thousand steps further. (We can’t reveal what this is yet, but rest assured, it will be AWESOME!).

And finally, it’s this community of Wayfinders we’ve gathered who are the kind of people that can detect these differences and believe what we believe: giving attention to the small things is going to be what revolutionizes higher education.

Thanks for your unwavering support,
Wayfinding Academy Crew