What We Promise


As of last Friday, applications to become a full-time student are now open! To celebrate the occasion, we’re sharing our promise to each and every graduate of the Wayfinding Academy.

Students will leave Wayfinding Academy with their next step in place, a portfolio that shows the world who they are and what they can do, and a network of people who support them.

They will be equipped with skills that apply to their chosen path. Of course, they’ll be able to write thesis statements, read challenging articles and books, and use the scientific method. But, more than than that, we prepare students to be engaged citizens of the world.

Students will know how to…

  • Learn
  • connect with people
  • ask good questions
  • Collaborate
  • make a plan for something hard that requires other people’s help
  • set up life systems that work for them
  • find their way back to their purpose when they feel lost

Students will understand…

  • why story matters
  • what it takes to do something epic
  • how to inspire others toward a vision

We promise to cultivate humans who are empowered to thrive throughout the rest of their lives. That means embracing curiosity, being willing to stretch, creating community, and living life on purpose.


Does this sound like something you or someone you know could really use at this point in life? If so, consider doing one of two things:

  1. Become a Student

  2. Nominate a Student

The priority deadline for applications is May 1st, so connect with us soon! As always, we are grateful for this community and excited for what’s to come.

To a life on purpose,
Wayfinding Academy Crew