Are You a Wayfinder?: Applications Now Available!


Hello, friends & Wayfinders,

Today is a big day. One of the days that will go down in history in the origin story of the Wayfinding Academy. It is a day we have been working towards for more than a year…

Applications for the inaugural cohort starting August 29, 2016 are now OPEN!

Our application process will look a lot less like sorting people based on test scores and letter grades and a lot more like getting to know them as humans. We’re looking for people in the sweet spot between what we offer and what they need. It’s matchmaking, higher education-style.

We are inviting this community of amazing people (yes, you!) to do two things:

1. Become a Student* - If this feels like the moment you've been waiting for, sign up to chat with us! It all starts with a conversation.

2. Nominate a Student* - Know someone who might be an outstanding match for this program? Tell them about it and nominate them here.

And, of course, help us spread the word - you probably know some amazing people for whom this might be a great fit. Let them know we want to meet them. This is our focus for the month of April and in early May we will start reviewing applications and inviting students to the next step with us.

We are so grateful to have your support, and we CANNOT WAIT to welcome our first 24 students on August 29th!

A sneak peak of our application...

A sneak peak of our application...