Wayfinding Academy is a new 2-year college in Portland, OR at the heart of a movement to revolutionize higher education.

We believe there's more than one way to do life. And one definition of success is not enough.

This college and movement sprang from a few radical notions:

  • The world needs fewer mindless followers and more engaged citizens.
  • One size does not fit all.
  • Education should stoke curiosity, not cure it.

Our 2-year program is anchored by 9 core courses in communication, social change, teamwork, and leadership that will help you on any path. From there, you handcraft your own curriculum with the support of your own personal Guide. 

You’ll get your hands dirty with real-world internships, mentorships, and Learn & Explore trips. All the while, you’ll be documenting your experiences and learnings in a portfolio that you can carry with you far beyond college to show the world who you are and what you can do.

There are no cookie-cutter tracks. We are humans to be cultivated, not objects to be sorted. It's education by odyssey, with qualified and dedicated Guides helping you choose each next step.

Wayfinding Academy has been approved by Oregon’s Higher Education Coordinating Commission to grant Associate’s Degrees in Self & Society (yes, we’re a real college). 

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Wayfinding Academy is a different kind of college. Watch the video above to learn more.

I wake up excited every day — I already feel like I’m growing, which feels awesome and motivates me to try even harder.
— Annie, Wayfinding Student

Wayfinding Academy was founded in response to the frustrating realization that our culture of higher education is backwards.

First you pick a 4-year college, then you pick a major from a list, then you figure out what you want to do, and then you try it out.

We want to turn the system frontwards:

  • First, we get to know you and help you make an informed and intentional choice about your education (hint: it might not be 4-year college and it might not even be Wayfinding Academy).
  • Then we ask, “Who are you? What are you passionate about? What do you want to contribute to the world?” through a core curriculum of 9 classes designed to cultivate good humans.
  • Then we connect you to internships and mentors so you can try things out. You’ll have a Guide who helps you navigate every step of the way.
  • Then you confidently pursue your path after graduation, equipped with a network, a portfolio, and your next steps, rather than a mountain of debt.

We believe education is our chance to make the world better, because what you do with your life matters to more than just you. When we each live life on purpose, we all thrive. 

There are six elements to the 2-year program:

Underpinning each of these elements is the support from our greater community of Wayfinders. Students and community alike will come together for film screenings, lunch-and-learns, and service projects. 

I’m loving school and the people I’m surrounded by each day. My confidence has never been higher.
— Justin, Wayfinding Student

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I’m feeling like I’m right where I’m supposed to be, and I’m enjoying building stronger friendships. I’m very excited and engaged by everything I’m learning.
— Elizabeth, Wayfinding Student